Code Of Conduct

Nice Overseas Pvt. Ltd. is committed for fair, ethical and professional conduct to enhance and success in its recruitment business, and expects the same from all business clients, employees and Job seekers. All business clients, employees and Job seekers to Nice Overseas Pvt. Ltd. are expected to follow its Code of Conduct, for which the standards are placed below. The Code of Conduct will form part of our Recruitment Agreement or such other agreement forming the basis of the relationship between the Nice Overseas and the relevant clients/bodies. We believe ethics is at the major priority of everything we conduct. We are honest, ethical and want to be upfront because trust is at the foundation of our relationships with every direct & indirect correspondent and each other.

• Adherence to law
• Freely Chosen Employment
• Ensure Wages and Benefits
• Ensure Humane Treatment
• Fair Business Integrity
• Management & Communication
• Confidentiality and privacy

Nice Overseas Pvt. Ltd. undertakes to ensure that this Code of Conduct is provided to its business clients, employees and job seekers who work with Nice Overseas Pvt. Ltd and urge to maintain and comply. In addition, Employees must abide internal rules and regulations in operations for efficient teamwork and services. A breach of this Code of Conduct by any person working for Nice Overseas Pvt. Ltd. or on its behalf shall constitute a material breach of its business relationship never be tolerated.